We are excited to hold two pre-conference workshops, “Coalition Health: Building Toward Success” and “Media Relations and Effective Messaging: How to Have a Shot at Success” on Wednesday, May 21, from 9:00am-12:00pm. Please note: You must register separately for the workshop of your choice. Registration for these workshops is not included in conference registration. Click here to register, and read on to learn more about the workshops.

Coalition Health: Building Toward Success

Coalitions and partnerships are commonly used to promote health goals within communities. During this session, we will present on coalition development and engagement and maintenance. This workshop will highlight the characteristics of a successful coalition, drawing from examples from ourselves as well as the participants. This interactive workshop will also deploy several hands-on tools, including an assessment of coalition “health” as well as the initial development of a coalition maintenance plan. This workshop will be presented by Robbi Kay Norman and Victor Colman.

RobbiKayRobbi Kay Norman has spent over 15 years working in public policy. She specializes in facilitating complex public/private partnerships in the health and human services arena, with a special focus on developing sustainable policy and system priorities. She has developed and delivered training curriculum in numerous content areas, with a focus on primary prevention and policy/systems change. She is currently co-principal of Uncommon Solutions, Inc., a policy consultant and training firm based in Olympia.

Vic Bio PhotoVictor Colman earned a BA from Michigan State University and a JD from University of San Francisco. He has worked in the public health field for over 30 years, initially in California, for non-profits and in multiple levels of government. His focus is in primary prevention and related policy and systems solutions across multiple topic areas. In Washington State he was a legislative liaison and policy advisor at the State Department of Health for eight years. He is currently co-principal of Uncommon Solutions, Inc., a policy consultant and training firm based in Olympia and also serves as the founder and director of the statewide Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition.

Media Relations and Effective Messaging: How to Have a Shot at Success

Working effectively with the news media can help public health programs and immunization advocates succeed in communicating important health information to the public. The media continue to serve as key conduits of information to the general public. By learning how to effectively engage with news media, develop effective messages and message strategies, and conduct effective interviews, you will become more successful in your efforts to communicate about vaccines, immunization, vaccine-preventable diseases and the importance of immunization recommendations. This can translate into better communication with the public and potentially better public and individual health outcomes. Presenters will share their extensive knowledge and expertise of media relations gained through decades of experience. They will share lessons learned from research and real-life situations and will offer hands-on learning experiences. This workshop is aimed at professionals with limited to mid-level media experience. Following this 3.5 hour interactive session, attendees will:

  1. Have a better understanding of how to work with the news media to communicate health information to the general public or targeted audiences.
  2. Be able to use best practices and research-based methods to develop effective messages and media relations strategies.
  3. Learn how to use risk communication to frame vaccine/immunization-related information and conduct effective interviews with print, broadcast and online media.

Kristine Sheedy, Ph.D., Associate Director of Communication Science for the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, CDC.

Glen Nowak, Ph.D., Professor of Advertising and Public Relations and Director of the Center for Health and Risk Communication, Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Georgia.

Timothy Church, Past President of the National Public Health Information Coalition and Director of Communications for the Washington State Department of Health.