Breakout Sessions: 

May 25, 2016 4pm-5:30pm 

1.“Compassionate Care” Reducing stress and pain with needle procedures

– Kay Holland, Lynn Sturm

2.Embracing Immunity: Changing the Conversation about being vaccinated

– Debbie McCune Davis, Patrick Glew

3.Using your local Pharmacists to increase immunization rates

– Stephen Foster, Stephanie Arnett, Leslie Lake

4.Immunizing in school settings:

a). School Based Immunization: Making the Right Choice Easy

b). Implementation of Michigan’s College and University Flu Vaccination Challenge to Raise Young Adult Flu Immunization Rates

– Francis J. Rogalski, Sandra Porter-DiSalvo, Stefanie Cole,

May 26 (10:30am– Noon) 

1.  Vaccine Awareness Activities:

a). Planning for National Immunization Awareness Month

b).  Empowering Advocates through volunteerism

-Ian Branam, Betsy VanDeusen, Lisa Coker

2. Facilitating Evaluation Planning in Coalition workgroups
-Angela Moore

3.Immunizations and Public Policy :

a). Impacting Public Policy Without Legislation

b). Exemption: Legal Issues and Beyond

– Debbie McCune Davis, Dorit Reiss

4. Creative Strategies for Improving HPV Vaccine Rates:

a). The Struggle is Real: Strategies for improving HPV rates

b). Motivating Diverse Partners to Increase HPV Vaccination Rates

– Justin Tarr, Jill Roark, Sarah Cutchin

5. Tailoring Immunization Messages for Specific Audiences:

a). Riding the Cool Wave: How to reach teens with Vaccine Health Information

b). Successful Messaging for Challenging Immunization Messages

-Karin Szymanski, Dawn Crawford


May 26 (2pm-3:30pm) 

1. Using Data and Partners to Affect Change:

a). Improving rates using a unique reminder/recall approach

b). Forming an Immunization Data Advisory Council to address gaps in local level immunization data

c). Childhood Immunizations in Maine: Leveraging Multi-Organizational Partnerships to Achieve Shared Goals

-Amy Kellogg, Elizabeth Abbott, Cassandra Grantham, Kathryn Colby

2. Recruiting, Engaging and Retaining Coalition Members

– Frances Butterfoss

3. Communicating Policy Strategies:

a).“On the Fly” Need for and Capacity to Develop Evidence- Based Policy Communication Tools

b).  Influencing Policy through Media Strategy

-Meredith Kersten, Laura T. Haderxhanaj, Beth E. Meyerson, Karen P. Comer

4. Systems Appraoches to Improve HPV Vaccine Rates:

a). What is AHEC and HPV initiative?

b). Building Systems Capacity to address HPV Vaccination Prioritization: FQHC intervention by ACS

c). Leveraging Partners and Momentum in the Community

-NACCHO-Molly Black, Gretchen Forsell, Cathy Whaley, Lisa McKeown

5. HPV Vaccine Recommendations : An Analysis of Audio Recordings of Health Care Providers

-Lynne Sturm, Gregory Zimet

May 27 (9am-10:30am)

1. Provider and Parent Education Related to HPV Vaccine:

a). Does an Educational Video about HPV influence parents decision to vaccinate?

b). Developing an HPV e-learning course for providers to increase HPV vaccination

c.) Raising rates through provider education CME/MOC.

– Lori Lovett, Sara Jaye Sanford,  Jeanne Potts

2. Immunization Issues and the College Setting:

a). Understanding Immunization Protocols Among Higher Education Campuses

b). Mumps Resurgence at a Large UniversityCampus Town

-Mugdha Golwalkar, Taryn Stevens, Awais Vaid, Julie Pryde

3. Childhood Immunizations:

a). Influences on Immunization Decision Making among parents of young children

b). CDC childhood immunization campaign

c). Translating Research into Practice in the Development of CDC’s Childhood Immunization Campaign

-Elizabeth Ryan, Jennifer Mullen, Judith Weiner

4. Vaccine Hesitancy and Refusal:

a). Historical Perspective

b). Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy among Russian

-Speakers through a Community Forum-Sara Jaye Sanford, Meg Pahmier